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PetroWire is the most diversified supplier of high-performance wire ropes and industrial steel cables in Egypt. With our knowledge and expertise, we provide rope solutions for a wide variety of applications, including general industrial, construction, mining, oil and gas, fishing and marine.

Our customers recognize the value of our products through improved fatigue life, increased strength, shock and abrasion resistance, as well as superior delivery, packaging and technical service. To deliver this value to our customers, we strive to understand our end-user customers' needs and translate those needs into outperforming products by maximizing our research and development and manufacturing capabilities. PetroWire is dedicated to improving quality and value for our customers.

Our team of professionals works together to provide our customers with the best performing steel cable products and the highest levels of service. This is what allows our customers to "Outperform with our Ropes"



PetroWire Egypt:

Villa 80, 3rd District, Zone 1, 5th Settlement,
Cairo (11853) Egypt 

Phone: +202 25628 444
Fax:      + 202 25628 333